The horrors of Cambodian child prostitution, short squeezes, and the recently deflowered girl

3 interesting links you may have missed:

The evil behind the smiles: An insightful and disturbing article by NYT Op-Ed columnist Nicholas Kristof - read complete article here. Also see: girls for sale. More excellent content from Kristof here

How Porsche hacked the financial system and made a killing

On a lighter note, entirely unrelated to the topics above: The Recently Deflowered Girl

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Sharpness (90-300mm)

I took some photos with my Canon 90-300 zoom lens today. This photo is a good example of what this lens can do. Sharpness is set at zero, aperture f9, ISO unknown probably 200. Click to view original size. As you can see, at 100% it’s pretty decent!

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The worst lens on earth

Smart people collect sensible prime lenses. The not so brainy get zoom lenses. Crazy people go for super-zoom’s

The budget super zoom is the worst of all. Cheaply constructed, with poor optics, it tries to be many different things, and fails usually.

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Cat Eye Bokeh

55mm, F5.6 (est) - sadly my current kit lens maxes out at 5.6 - so bokeh requires getting real close. Hopefully I’ll be able to get a 50mm 1.8 soon (its currently out of stock at Canon/Metropolitan)

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Does anyone have Canon DSLR lenses for sale?

AJ wants to know why I’m photographing the marmalade jar, she says there’s no way I can make it beautiful. Actually, its chilli paste.. also I think the bokeh makes it look quaint.

Huh, here’s an odd thing. Seem’s like the local shops have run out of Canon lenses. Either that or they don’t like me or something. I just want a few Canon lenses.. like a 70/75-300*.. and a 50mm and an 85 mm.. Tried the agents (metropolitan) who quoted astronomical figures (only 120% markup)

I spoke to Panama’s where I got a guy who didn’t speak much english, who informed that they don’t have much of anything. The story of our nation.

* I really want a 200mm f2.0, but robbing banks isn’t all its cut out to be, so for now I’ll settle for a cheap consumer superzoom

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I’m back

Well, I’m back. Whatever that means. Right now, all I want to do is get a decent camera. That’s easier said than done, but I’m optimistic as always.

So what’s new in my life?

  1. Kittens
  2. I’m now 100% linux. Yay!!!
  3. I’m searching for a camera I like (might take a while)
  4. Usual continual quest to stay alive, I guess.

So, there you have it. I’m still mostly alive, and mostly me.

Sent a note to Indi, hopefully he can add me to Kottu..

update: Indi added me to Kottu. Thanks man!

2 comments November 19th, 2008

’script error’ casues dreamhost customers to be billed for 2008/2009

If you are a dreamhost customer you might want to check your credit card/bank statement. A glitch in billing means dreamhost customers were charged various amounts from $200 - up to $4000 for their accounts..

Dreamhost is working to fix the problem and refund victims, if you are a customer I suggest you check your credit card/bank statement as you may experience overdraft fees, etc.
(more there but page is down now due to digg etc)

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A strange way to dramatically speed up Windows XP

Summary: ‘resetting’ the XP swap file causes a dramatic increase in performance.


  1. This hack seems so stupid, and implausible that I don’t blame you for being sceptical. I suggest you TRY it OUT, and see the results for yourself. Believe me, it works, and the results are quite amazing, especially on low ram PC’s
  2. This hack works best on PC’s with under 1GB ram (In my case, I tried it on a PC with 512MB) - if your PC has 2GB or more it probably won’t make much difference.
  3. Update: someone commented that you can defragment the swap file also, via pagedefrag - I don’t think the problem is in fragmentation of the swap file but rather the simple fact that, over a few months of use, XP develops an unnatural reliance on the swap file, and tries to use it more than physical memory - by zapping the file, XP starts over again, and is much more faster. Again, I know this all sounds rather absurd, but it actually works.
  4. If you try this out, let me know!

Long boring preamble
Have you ever noticed how fast your PC is after a fresh OS/Software install? How the OS seems crisp and fast, and applications load up almost instantly?

And how… after a few months of use, your PC seems to slow down to a crawl? How even booting up seems to take forever, how launching the simplest applications causes your PC to struggle? Well I’ve always wondered what causes this ‘Windows Rot” phenomenon (aside from poor programming at M$).

What I used to do earlier, was reinstall everything on my PC every few months.

Eventually (due to product activation requirements) this became a hassle, so I now keep a backup mirror and restore it every once in a way. Still, this is a hassle, because I have to re-install any new software I was using, also restore various system settings.

Today, I was wondering to myself, does the swap file have anything to do with this problem - after all, the hard disk light starts staying on when the PC slows down - which seem’s to indicate swap file use.

So, I decided to try deleting the swap file. The beast way to do this was by setting it to a small size - e.g. 2MB, restarting the PC, and setting it back to the original size.

Here’s the procedure (simplified somewhat):
(this procedure refers to XP but you can follow similar methods in other windows versions, also, don’t attempt to drastically reduce swap file space, even temporarily, on machines with under 512MB ram)

Caution: don’t mess with your swap file unless you know what you are doing!

  1. Right click my computer, select properties
  2. Click the ‘Advanced’ tab
  3. Under performance, click Settings
  4. Click the ‘Advanced’ tab
  5. Click ‘change’ under Virtual memory
  6. Make a note of the existing swap file(s)
  7. Set the current swap file to a very small size (e.g. 2mb)
  8. Restart the PC, and resize the swap file back to its original size Initial Size equal to the 1.5 to 2.0 times your physical RAM (from a comment below!)
  9. Restart the PC once more


The results were dramatic and surprising. I think I can confirm that (for XP, on a PC with under 1GB ram) this procedure returns your PC to (almost) the original post software install stage.

Does this sound crazy? Don’t believe me? Just try it RIGHT now, and I bet you will notice a significant speed difference in your PC.

It’s just magical: applications which struggled to load earlier now load up rapidly, just as they used to when the XP installation was fresh. Everything just works faster - even simple tasks like switching between windows!

So why does this work? I’m not sure but I speculate it has something to do with the way Windows uses the swap file.

Try this and let me know what happens (post a comment here)

25 comments September 8th, 2007

Monkey is not… whaa?

Sometimes… Linux confuses me

Some time yesterday night, I found out that my monkey wasn’t running. Apparently, diggers found this amusing.

In the meantime I’m still trying to install Linux on my latest project PC (an ancient pentium 1). So far, things are going mostly OK (except for a dead hard disk, vague serial mouse, and aforementioned monkey problem).

FYI: My aim is to find a linux distro that will run nicely on an old PC, in lieu of Microsoft software. Currently I’ve tried DSL, Mepis, and Delilinux, neither is quite there yet. DSL looks promising, but I have to resolve the hard disk glitches.

1 comment August 19th, 2007

Problems logging into Skype?

As of today evening I’m somewhat unable to log into skype. Are any of the local ISP’s blocking it? or are Skype experiencing any problems?

Anyone have any ideas?

Update: It appears Skype is down

1 comment August 16th, 2007

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